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Buying a home is a substantial investment. It is important that you protect your home from factors outside of your control. At Hoffmann Kool we want your home to have the first-class insurance that your prized possession deserves!

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Common Questions

Why did my rates go up this year?

The cost to insure your home generally goes up each year to account for the increased cost of construction (and you will see the limit on your home will go up each year on your policy to correspond).

The rates may also increase according to losses not only in Saskatchewan, but across Canada and around the world.

Insurers are also adding new coverages, and sometimes additional premium is attached to them. Often times these are optional coverages and allow for some flexibility and choice on your policy.

I saw this phrase on my policy: “This policy contains a clause that may limit your amount payable.” What does this mean?

This is often referring to your deductible. In the event of a loss, all policies carry a deductible. This is the portion of the loss that you are responsible to pay. Your policy will show you what your deductible is.

Am I covered for Sewer Back Up and Overland Flood?

Sewer Back Up (SBU) and Overland Flood coverage are optional. If you have coverage, it will be stated on your policy cover pages. For more information on the importance of Flood and SBU, click here. Note: when you have a broken pipe consumers often refer to this as a “flood” – “my basement is flooded”. In the insurance world, a broken pipe that causes water damage is called “water escape” – this is different than “overland flood”.

Is a wood burning fire place considered a Solid Fuel Heating appliance that will cause a surcharge on my policy?

No. However, fireplace INSERTS are considered a Solid Fuel Heating appliance, and they need to be recorded that way in order to maintain proper coverage on your Home or Seasonal Home policy. Anytime that you have some sort of “solid fuel heating” in your home you should let your broker know.

How many times does my house need to be checked when I am away?

Unfortunately, all insurance companies differ on this answer. But once per day during the primary heating season is a good rule of thumb.

If you have a 24 hour monitored alarm system that monitors for low temperature, you don’t need anyone to check your home at all! If you are going away during the heating season, it is a good idea to consult your broker to find out the rules that are specific to your insurance company.

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